Big Newscenter with input from all over the world including stock exchange charts (including bitcoin), radioactivity data, weatherwarnings, current world weather, fidonews archive, earthquake notes and more!

Doorgames also played on BlackICE BBS the favority german KIOSK doorgame is even setup like LORD and some other cool retro doorgames.

BlackICE have aktive Users, that up/download files nearly daily, writing messages into the board, chat with other users and much more.

Parts of the Filearea are administrated by Users. Thats brings new files, very good discriptions and support if something is not running. There are old files (true DOS / Win 3.x) and of course new files up to 64Bit Software. Not Only for PC! We also have C64,Amiga,Android,IOS,MAC,ROMs for Consoles and Emulating Software and more in the BBS.

BlackICE is Support BBS of the HotdogED Android Fido-Client Software and WHQ for the European BBS-List.

And BlackICE BBS offer a Telnet/SSL connect on Port 22! 

System Summary

  • Sysop: fU
  • Nodes: 10
  • Type: Public BBS
  • Software: Mystic
  • Online: No

System Location

  • Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany

System Links

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