flupH is a Bulletin Board System put together to preserve the Memory of the crew of the USS Liberty. The USS Liberty was attacked in international waters by Israeli forces on June 8, 1967, killing 34 Americans and wounding another 174. F L U P H is a acronym or abbreviation for..


The Board is a sweet mix of old and new. With a file-base of over[56,000+] Has the last remaining Next Generation Regd. CD-Rom door (102-disc) Interbbs league door games for X-league Agoranet and Battlenet, FTN networks, Newgroups. Also hosting *** Survival Net FDN *** whq and one of the largest collection of files on survival and self reliance! Proud to be a [Blocktronics memeber board].

To find out more info about the USS Liberty COVER-UP go-to www.uss-liberty.com You can also read the BOOK What I Saw That Day, by uss-liberty survivor Phil Tourney. Many have been brought to tears by Phil’s story. But he seeks no profit, no glory, no accolades. This book was written and dedicated to those men who were killed and wounded that June day in 1967 and to the myriad lives that were changed by one of the most treacherous acts in modern history. 

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