Generation III POT-D (People of the Dark) v2

It's a throw back to the elite underground BBS of the 1990s.
PPE design, Ansi art, Emulation roms, Adult files, Anime files. (warez design)
Running PCBOARD 15.3 HEAVILY MODDED with lightbar interface
use: SYNCTERM to access for most accurate display

Found a 15 year old system back and ported it to Windows 7.
It's fully functional with Files, doors, etc... just like the day it was put retired in 1999
Put up to keep the BBS scene alive and historic/educational.

- up to 50 doors mostly full registered doors
- WaReZ .. (well it's abandonwarez now :P
- shoot me a message after you sign up for full access


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System Summary

  • Sysop: Black Sheep
  • Nodes: 10
  • Type: Public BBS
  • Software: Other
  • Online: Yes

System Location

  • New York, United States

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