I started out running a Few BBS systems over the years, The Apollo BBS when I was 12, then onto the Datashack BBS and Warzone BBS which feature doorgaming as the major focus, Now onto KK4QBN BBS, we're all about hobbies, especially RF based hobbies, Amateur Radio, RC Aircraft, Helicopters, Vehicles, Weather,
Satellite.. Pretty much anything electronic, Oh yes We still have door games, and TONS of files for download also! Come see Us, Dial Up, Telnet, SSH, or the WEB. We're here 24/7! 

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System Summary

  • Sysop: kk4qbn
  • Nodes: 10
  • Type: Public BBS
  • Software: Synchronet
  • Online: No

System Location

  • Georgia, United States

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