This BBS is, at the moment of this writing, completely, and solely dedicated to the BBS Door Game Legend Of The Red Dragon by Seth Able.

You can play LORD easily straight from the webpage, or just as easily through your favorite Telnet Client. The website lays out each and every player statistic in a very attractive and easily accessible menu format for each Realm. Everything from "The most Romantic LORD Warriors" to "Custom Random Forest Events"!

You can also see directly from the webpage what time it is in "LORD Time", see a list of warriors who are currently playing in Real-Time, list the total number of players for the current day, list all the Daily Happenings for the current day, and previous day, and so much more. The list is really too long to cover here.

Another unique element of the website is that you are able to submit your Warrior Profile, complete with Photo/Image for everyone else to view, and in turn, view other Warrior's Profile Submissions. It gives everyone a chance to get to know their fellow players.

There is also a fairly extensive file section which is also dedicated to LORD; Lord Text, IGMs, Utilities, etc.. Of course there is also a Resources section with links to other BBS and LORD related sites.

One thing that we are very proud of at http://www.LegendOfTheRedDragon.ca is our Secrets / Hints / Tips BOOK that we wrote. It is a "Flash Book" that you can open and flip through the actual pages using Flash Technology. Turning the pages is done with your mouse. This book was really fun to put together, and can be viewed here: http://www.legendofthereddragon.ca/secrets.php The book is titled "The Dark Secrets Of LORD".

I think that covers pretty much everything about our BBS / Website, but as a regular member, you will see that things are constantly being added and improved upon. Hope to see you there! :-) 

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