Legends of Yesteryear

"Legends of Yesteryear" is a BBS system dedicated to preserving the way Online gaming was before the internet.

We also offer a wide selection of message basis covering a myriad of topics.

We are the home of "SFNet", a Fido type network that is dedicated to all things related to the Science Fiction/Fantasy/Anime'/Gaming genres.

The terminal program to be able to access the system is located in our file section here.

Telnet: loybbs.net:23322

The system CAN be accessed via WWW, but you will not have access to the games, only the message bases and file sections.

www: loybbs.net

So, log in and check us out, and tell your friends about us. New users have full access on their first call, so you can start retro-gaming right away. 

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System Summary

  • Sysop: Dallas Vinson
  • Nodes: 10
  • Type: Public BBS
  • Software: Other
  • Online: Yes

System Location

  • Huntsville
  • Alabama, United States

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