Back in February 1993, John Riley (SLASHER) and the late, Robert King (Peritus) were sitting up late one weekend and downloading some stuff from a local BBS in Decatur, Illinois. John told Rob, "Man, I wish I could run a BBS." Rob quickly scanned through the BBS software that was for download on the local BBS. He downloaded TriBBS and then checked around other local BBSes for software. They downloaded Renegade, Remote Access, and Wildcat as well. Renegade would never install/run for them. Remote Access cost too much to register. Wildcat seemed a little confusing to John. John and Rob agreed to stick with TriBBS. They ran their BBS as private systems for about 2 weeks, and then Rob called John one afternoon after school, and told him his mom and dad got him a teen line and he was putting up his BBS 24/7 on the line. John talked to his mom and since he had a job, she agreed to do the same. Thus Planet Caravan and SLASHER BBS went public within a couple of days of each other. They posted fliers all over their school, and in the paper. They posted in message areas of other local BBSes to advertise their BBSes. Then around May of 1993, Robert King, was introduced to ProBoard by a local SysOp, new to the area, David Wright, SysOp of God and Country. Dave told Rob King that ProBoard was so much easier to run and setup then TriBBS. He told Rob, Hey, even an idiot could run ProBoard." Rob laughed and said, "You mean SLASHER?" They laughed about but agreed. Rob brought John a copy of ProBoard to his house, and John set it up and really liked it. So, after a few days of converting his file area to ProBoard, John Riley had SLASHER BBS running on ProBoard and never looked back. 

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System Summary

  • Sysop: SLASHER
  • Nodes: 4
  • Type: Public BBS
  • Software: Other
  • Online: Yes

System Location

  • Mississippi, United States

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