Wildcat's Castle BBS

Bulletin, messages, files, door games, chat, and other info. in BBS. BBS info/ bulletin, game scores, comic and photo of any castles in Web page. L.O.R.D., WT-LORD, Tradewars 2002 game server, and more. WINServer, Wildcat! v4, and Synchronet system. Including other two bbs neighbors of Wildcat's Castle BBS below.

Wildcat! v4 BBS (250 nodes) wildcat system
Files, messages, and door games

Wizard's Castle (32 nodes) synchronet system
Files, messages, door games, and other info. BBS scores
and ftelnet in the webpage. Synchronet system.


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System Summary

  • Sysop: Wizard
  • Nodes: 32
  • Type: Public BBS
  • Software: Wildcat
  • Online: Yes

System Location

  • Oregon, United States

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